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We are pleased to have been awarded Lottery Reaching Communities funding to make a difference to parents, families and schools.
During the lifetime of the project, we will be working in 4 schools across 3 towns, Newmarket, Brandon and Haverhill. We will be supporting families and children with all issues around parenting, self-esteem confidence and positive communication. Our aim is to improve the lives of local families.




What is Opportunity Suffolk?

Opportunity Suffolk is a programme managed by TCHC (The Consultancy Home Counties.) The programme is funded as part of the Building Better Opportunities by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund. Sharing Parenting is one of a group of partner organisations who deliver this contract across the Suffolk area.

Who can we help? 

Adults aged 24 and over

Adults who have been unemployed for 2 or more consecutive years

Adults who live within the areas of Suffolk local to Newmarket i.e. – Bury St Edmunds, Mildenhall, Thetford, Sudbury and Haverhill (for more information about the exact areas we cover, please contact us – see below)

What support do we offer?

Under the project we are able to offer one to one support and short training courses to people who are looking to return to further education or training or employment. Support includes training courses to identify strengths and skills, increase confidence, addressing the impact on your home life, children and any parenting support. We can help with the creation and updating of  CV’s, covering letters job applications and interview skills. We can help find courses and training opportunities or opportunities for volunteering, work placements and employment.

We can also help with support and action plans to reach your goals, documentation acquisition, help with some relevant expenses in relation to progressing towards your goals as well refer / signpost to other organisations within the project who have more specialised knowledge relative to your circumstances.


Our GCGP project provides the same support and one to one guidance as described above within the Greater Peterborough, Greater Cambridgeshire area. Under our GCGP project, we can support any adult living in the GCGP LEP designated area without the restriction on age and length of unemployment.

For more information on any of our above mentioned projects, please contact our project advisors,  either: or

or call 01638 665997

Other Organisations we work with include:
UK Schools:
Middle East Schools:

American Schools:


3 Day Raising Children Training

I suppose what I am trying to say is how this course has given me the opportunity to understand my own grandchildren’s behaviour and help me support my daughter better, by not undermining her assertive parenting and show consistency. At the same time it will help me understand the many clients who come to me for help, picking up on the feelings behind their problems more easily. I also appreciate the suggestions I may be able to pass on to clients experiencing parenting challenges. I found the course stimulating, thought provoking and the people on the course were a great bunch sharing their experiences generously and kindly, it was a very rewarding experience. Participant Mildenhall Suffolk 2015

Facebook comments

I swear by Sharing Parenting, I was trained by Suzanne many years ago and use the training on a regular bases at work, with friends and family… keep up the good work Suzanne your amazing. Rene Coles, Feb 2015 Great company with fantastic knowledgeable, warm and friendly staff. Highly recommend!!! Katie Ives On the Button March 2015 I swear by this course … I had a fantastic time on this course, suzzanne makes u feel so welcome and the way this course is run is outstanding …not only do u learn more about your children , you learn about yourself aswell … i have and would recommend this course to anyone …i myself have come away learning alot by going on this course and the one to one support which i didnt get from other courses x March 2015

One to One service

My husband and I worked with Suzanne to try and make the changes needed to improve our relationship with our daughter. Suzanne listened carefully and enabled us to think about how our responses needed to change to enable home life to change. She opened conversations and made us think carefully about how the way we were parented affected the way we parent. She helped us to understand our daughters feelings and how to respond to those. Suzanne is kind, patient and understanding, she never cast judgement and was easy to talk to. I would recommend Suzanne to any family in need of additional support.


The Understanding and Dealing with Challenging Behaviour course was the BEST course I have ever attended. All of the information has been retained and I use this on a weekly basis and it does make a difference. Hannah Threlfall, Kettlefields Primary School. Our aim to make our school community more resilient has been fantastically supported by the work of Sharing Parenting. A tailor made training course for staff has given them the tools to help others and themselves become more resilient. Theory is mixed with practical guidance that teachers can apply to the classroom. Highly recommend! S.Erickson, Chesterton Academy, UK, 2015 Sharing Parenting have provided a range of staff with highly effective strategies to support our children’s behaviour, with a solid understanding of the related theories. Our staff received the training very positively and have been able to implement the practical strategies immediately, to good effect. Nick Erin, St Louis School 2015