Sharing parenting - An Adlerian approach

Who we are

Suzanne Pearson

Suzanne has 15 years experience in Parent Education and Youth Work managing both the County Parenting Programme and Youth Service for Suffolk County Council. She has vast experience in Staff Development and Training within a Community Education context. Suzanne is also a trained Occupational Psychologist, Adlerian Counsellor and co-author of a number of parenting packs.

It is Suzanne’s vision which has resulted in the development of the ‘Sharing Parenting‘ Programme.

Cherry Eales

Cherry is a trained teacher, youth worker and ‘Adlerian Counsellor’. She has spent the past 15 years specialising in Parent Education within a Community Education context. Cherry is currently involved in supporting parents through direct delivery, tutor training and curriculum development. She is co-author of a number of Parenting Packs including ‘Raising Children’, ‘Raising Teenagers’’ and ‘Engaging Parents‘.

Cherry firmly believes that encouraging and supporting parents to develop positive relationships within their families is the key to healthier, happier children, families and the wider community.

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Sharing Parenting is a Community Interest Company.