Sharing parenting - An Adlerian approach

The ‘Sharing Parenting’ FREE parenting Programme

Raising Children 10-week Parenting Programme.

Our popular Raising Children programme is an open access parenting course, which consists of ten, two hour sessions aimed at parents of two to twelve year olds.

Some of the topics covered on both these courses are:

The primary aim of this Parenting programme is to offer parents a supportive, informal environment, in which to gain information, knowledge and skills around parenting issues.

‘Confident Parents, Confident Children’

Our NEW ‘Communication for Parents’ course is a 6 week course which combines aspects of our ‘True Colours’ personality based course and our ‘Mindfulness’ course.

The aim of this course is to learn new ways of understanding yourself and your child(ren) to foster more effective communication between all family members.

Raising Toddlers

Raising Toddlers is an open access parenting course, which consists of six, hour and a half sessions aimed at parents of one to five year olds. This course offers parents an opportunity to meet other parents, share experiences, learn from each other and get some advice and strategies to help them through the toddler years.

The 6 session topics covered in this course are:

Raising Teenagers

is an open access parenting course, which consists of 10 two hour sessions aimed at parents of teenagers.

Some of the topics covered on both these courses are:-

Sibling Rivalry

The Sibling Rivalry Module targets any parents, who are experiencing issues with siblings in the family and consists of three, two hour sessions.

The aim of the module is to explore the underlying reasons behind why siblings fight and to share some effective strategies for handling sibling rivalry

Some of the topics covered include:

One-to-One Support

The Raising Children: One-to-One Support programme has been developed for those working with parents and families in one-to-one situations. It is designed to aid in addressing more immediate and specific issues and supporting the family to find strategies and develop skills outside a group setting. It is hoped that ultimately, the parents will feel able to join a group in order to build a support network and connection with other parents and carers.

The course consists of ten, 1 hour sessions covering communication and parenting styles, assertive communication, identifying needs, understanding challenging behaviour, managing challenging behaviour, listening, discipline strategies, choices and consequences, labelling, encouragement and building self-esteem.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a course aimed at parents with children from the age of one. It may be of particular use to families where there are issues around food and behaviour and supports the promotion of a healthy diet. It addresses, in three two hour sessions, feelings around food, making changes, healthy diets, meal times, the power of food and behaviour changes. The final session gives parents the opportunity to prepare a healthy meal or snack.

Let’s Play

Let’s Play is made up of four, two hour sessions. It is aimed at parents with children aged 0-8 years, and is aimed at parents who would like to spend more productive time playing with their children, to understand why it is so important and to gain some age appropriate play ideas. Topics covered include, experiences of childhood play, benefits and barriers to play, dynamics of play and types of play.