Sharing parenting - An Adlerian approach

What parents say about wanting to attend a course on Raising Teenagers…

“My eldest child is just becoming a teenager and I want to keep a happy, good relationship with him.”

“To be a better dad.”

“To know something new – any helpful ideas/thoughts/suggestions always welcome.”

“To avoid trouble!!!”

“Preparation for what’s ahead.”

“To understand and help my children with teenage issues.”

“To gain more support, get some practical help to make life at home smoother.”

After attending a Raising Teenagers course, parents say…

“I think before I speak. Give more measured response to situations. I feel more prepared for challenging situations to come.”

“Not flying off the handle. Thinking more about how I interact with everyone not just my son.”

“I talk to my children and discuss things rather than just shouting. I stop and listen and try and think about how I would like to be talked to.”

“I feel much calmer and more in control. I feel more aware of my children’s feelings and try to talk about things with them.”

“100% increase in communication. The household is calmer. Things are discussed and time is taken to solve problems.”

“More listening, more consideration, more explanation. Thinking before we speak, Less anger/shouting tears.”

Some of the comments on the course from Parents:

“Thank you this has really changed my life.”
Thank you for a great course.
“Brilliant course, thanks so much.”
Thank you, you made a difference.
“I’ve learnt so many useful things.”
I will continue to follow your advice.
“Thank you for such an inspiring and beautifully delivered course.”
Really interesting and helpful course.
“I have had the best time learning to be a better parent.”