Sharing parenting - An Adlerian approach

Raising Children 10 Week Programme

Raising Children 10-week Parenting Programme. Our popular Raising Children Parenting programme covers many aspects of parenting including:

The aim of this course is to offer parents a supportive, informal environment, in which to gain information, knowledge and skills around a range of parenting issues.






‘5 week – Raising Children Refresher’

A great opportunity to re-visit many of the topics covered in the full 10 week ‘Raising Children’ courses.  Interactive resources, activities and handouts to refresh those techniques!

‘Raising Toddlers’

‘Communication for Parents’

Our NEW confidence based parenting course is a 6 week course which combines aspects of our ‘True Colours’ personality based course and our ‘Mindfulness’ course. The aim of this course is to learn new ways of understanding yourself and your child(ren) to foster more effective communication between all family members.




‘True Colours’

A FUN personality based programme which looks at our dominant personality traits, what motivates us and how we communicate with others.


NEWMARKET ACADEMY: Exning Road, Newmarket, CB8 OEB

Dad’s Matter

‘Mindfulness’ – “A spa day for the mind”

– January 8th 2018 – 1:00am – 12pm – Mildenhall Job Centre, 8 Church Yard, IP28 7EE
– February 21st 2018 – 10:00am – 12pm – Mildenhall Job Centre, 8 Church Yard, IP28 7EE
– March 28th 2018 – 10:00am – 12pm – Mildenhall Job Centre, 8 Church Yard, IP28 7EE



Sibling Rivalry


All Saints Primary School – Vicarage road, Newmarket, CB8 9PX
Monday November 20th  – 9 – 11am;

Monday November 27th 9 – 11am

Monday December 4th 9 – 11am.

Glade Primary School – Knapper’s Way, Brandon, IP27 0DA

Wednesday 22nd November 1 – 3pm

Wednesday 29th November 1 – 3pm

Wednesday 6th December 1 – 3pm

Laureate Primary School – Exning Road, Newmarket, CB8 0AN

Friday 24th November – 9:15am – 11:15am

Friday 1st December  – 9:15 – 11:15am

Friday 8th December  – 9:15 – 11:15am

The Taster Sessions are based on material from the ‘Raising Children’ Pack, which is for any parents/carers of two to twelve year olds.
Some examples of Taster topics are:

By the end of each taster the participants will have:

For more information or to book your place please contact – or call

Reading Cafés for Parents

Our Reading Cafe’s are part of our Hungry Caterpillar project focused at encouraging effective reading time with children at home. The Reading cafe’s will be held at the following places:

Next term dates TBC.


Our workshops are aimed at Parents who want to learn more and make a difference to a child’s
life, and look into children’s behaviour and how to deal with it.

For further information or to book a place please contact:
07867 568339 or 01638 665997