Sharing parenting - An Adlerian approach

Facilitation training process

Training to deliver Sharing Parenting Programmes including Raising Children, Raising Teens, One-to-One, Sibling Rivalry and other modules

Selection by your organisation for training

This would ideally be done by the relevant Agency/Organisation to ascertain relevant experience, qualifications and point of entry into the tutor training programme.

Training process

Steps to becoming an Accredited Facilitator:

Stage 1 3 day training
Stage 2 Participant oberver
Stage 3 Assistant facilitator
Stage 4 Facilitator
Stage 5 Facilitator accreditation

Stage 1

The 3 day training gives participants an opportunity to become familiar with the course content as well as time to explore their personal feelings around some of the exercises.

Stage 2

An opportunity for the new facilitator to observe/shadow/participate an experienced facilitator on a course to reinforce content, time to put skills into practice, increase group work experience and reassess skills.

Stage 3

The Assistant Facilitator is then expected to co-facilitate a course with a lead facilitator. If the training is with the ‘Sharing Parenting’ Team, he/she will be mentored, which involves setting aside specific time each week to look at concerns, questions and any issues arising out of the course.

This 3rd stage may be repeated until both the mentor and the new tutor agree to move to stage 4.

Stage 4

The facilitator is encouraged to deliver the Parenting Course on his/her own with appropriate support and supervision. This stage can be done in partnership with the ‘Sharing Parenting’ Team.

ie. The mentoring process continues + regular observational visits.

Stage 5

Facilitators are expected to be monitored at each key stage and all information is fed into the accreditation process. The accreditation helps to ensure the fidelity of the programme and that facilitators delivering Raising Children’ are to the standard required for the programme. This process includes the mentoring report and one day assessment on both curriculum and attitude.