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Qualifications for Working With Parents (WWP)

Managers & Supervisors: Are your staff qualified to meet the National Occupational Standards for Working with Parents?

The Work With Parents qualification is the minimum qualification standard for parenting professionals working with parents and is accredited at Level 2 or 3 City and Guilds.

Sharing Parenting can work with you to enable you and/or your staff to gain the Work with Parents (WWP) level 3 single units accreditation and/or level 3 WWP Award qualification.

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Available qualifications

3 options are now being available for professionals working with parents:

The Work With Parents qualification is the minimum standard for parenting professionals working with parents and is credited at Level 3 City and Guilds.

The course involves 10 days training and additional study hours between sessions to develop a portfolio of evidence which will be assessed throughout the process.
Participants will need a letter of agreement from their work place manager, who will be expected to assist in the work place assessment by providing witness statements to support the portfolio of evidence.

The benefits of the WWP to your Organisation or Team are:

Working With Parents – City & Guilds Level 3

This research and evidence based accredited course has been designed to acknowledge and validate the professional practice for people who are working with families; it also offers opportunities to improve and inform work with parents whilst gaining new skills.

The course links theory to professional practice for work with parents individually and in groups. It is based on the work of the National Parenting Academy and the Core Curriculum and National Occupational Standards for Work with Parents and is endorsed by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) are a Nationally agreed statement of competence these describe what an effective and competent worker does and needs to know to deliver quality in their job

The Standards can be used to:

The aims of the course are to:

This course has been developed to improve skills and standards for:

Principles & Values Underpinning Work with Parents

Which Qualification?

Level 3 Award – 3 Units
Level 3 Certificate – 5 Mandatory Units + 2/3 Optional Units
Level 4 Award – 1 Unit
Dual Award – 1 Unit + PTLLS

The mandatory unit for Work With Parents – Unit 300

Build & Maintain Relationships with Parents

Optional units

Working With Parents – Unit 301

Work with Parents to meet their children’s needs

Working With Parents – Unit 302

Enable parents to develop ways of handling relationships and behavior that contribute to every day life with children

Working With Parents – Unit 303

Enable Parents to reflect on the influences on parenting and the parent -child relationship

Dual Award: Build & Maintain Relationships with Parents

PTLLS –Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

This course offers a semi structured experiential learning environment – The participants will develop a portfolio of evidence of their learning and professional practice.

Learning outcomes are:

This Course will run on 10 separate days – 5 Days Build & Maintain Relationships with Parents and 5 Days PTLS Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.
Full attendance on each day is required if possible , this must include the Micro Teach, and participants will need to keep a reflective journal of their learning, there will be assignments an opportunities for assessment .

This course is assessed throughout to City & Guilds Level 3


Full Award: £1200
Dual Award: £1450 (Cert & PTLLS)
Single Award: £450