Sharing parenting - An Adlerian approach

WWP Optional Units available

The full award in WWP contains the mandatory unit and 2 optional units. These units can be chosen to match your organisation’s needs.

Unit Description Credits
301 Work with parents to meet their children’s needs 3
302 Enable parents to develop ways of handling relationships and behaviour that contribute to everyday life with children 3
303 Enable parents to reflect on the influences in parenting and the parent-child relationship 6
304 Effective communication with parents 3
305 Build and maintain team relationships with colleagues engaged in work with parents 3
306 Reflect on and update own knowledge and practice 3
307 Build and maintain relationships with the wider community 3
308 Work with groups of parents 3
309 Provide services that meet parents’ needs 3
310 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) 6
311 Engage parents in their children’s early learning 3
312 Engage young parents in supporting their children’s development 3
313 Engage fathers in their children’s early learning 3
314 Work with parents to understand and meet their own needs 3
315 Deliver services that value and respect parents 3
316 Provide environments that are sensitive to the culture, religion, gender or disability of the parents 3