Susanna’s Story

Well, in the last 6 years we have lived in 2 continents, 3 countries, 6 towns and 14 houses. We needed to feel at home and help our children feel the same.

We have a son aged 11 years old and a daughter aged 9 years old.  We felt we especially needed support with our son as we were struggling with parenting strategies. So, I had very high expectations about the course before I went on it – basically I was expecting a magic potion…

I’m learning so much. And even more important to me, how to put it into practice. Sometimes we know the theory but don’t know how to use it…

I think this course it’s very powerful! It’s much better then I thought! No magic potions but a huge instructions manual  on how to deal with our treasures and even with everyone else around us.

Since the course we have really changed the way we parent… everything really ! The way we listen to our children and how to communicate. I think the communication is the most important!

I would definitely recommend this course to others!! It’s so amazing I think every adult that deals with children should do!

Can you imagine…. if every mother and father could receive this course, as soon as they apply for a reception place for their child, as part of the same package…. How many tears and suffering would be avoided on both sides ( kids and adults)?!

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