7. Whose responsibility is it anyway?

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Are we doing too much for our kids?

How many times has your child’s school called you during the day asking you to bring something in your child has forgotten. Did you do it?

Being a parent surely comes with the responsibility of preparing our children for adult life beyond the cushy comforting cocoon of the family home, and having everything done for them. By doing, or not doing, everything for them are we teaching them to be helpless or hopeless?

After doing a parenting course I tried consciously doing less and less for my children…..not helping my daughter put her tights on, my son had to remember his own homework diary, they even had to run their own bath …… even the hot water!……but now, 6 months later, they do even more for themselves, they even cooked their own dinner a week ago.

By me doing less for them, they have realised they CAN do more. They feel proud of little things they can do for themselves and you can see it on their faces when they do it without being asked.

So, next time your in a meeting, at work, sitting having a quiet 5 minutes to yourself (yes its allowed) and the phone rings about your child’s missing water bottle, what are you going to do?

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