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"One Mum (who came to a Pop Up) was so glad to meet me as, that day she had been really struggling …. I was in the right place at the right time, and so was she!"
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Competition Winners

Our Fathers Day Winner 2021 

Thank you to everyone who entered our Fathers Day competition. All entries were worthy winners and we loved reading your comments.
A special thank you to brothers Ethan and Samuel for taking the time to comment too and lucky you have such a great Dad.
This years winner is Sandra Copping who wrote:
“My dad is 82, a grandad and a great grandad and the best thing is, he’s still as playful as ever. We all love that he stills Loves having fun. Last week he started teaching his great grandson how to fence! He’s taught all of us (three generations) to ride bikes, roller skate, play raquet sports and through lock down he rang to find out the rules for hopscotch. Here he is playing Hide and Seek last week!”
Well done Sandra and more importantly your Dad – let’s hope the kids found him quickly!

Our Mother’s Day winners 2021 

We asked you to complete this sentence ‘The best thing about being a mum is …
and the winners are …..
“…. the fuzzy proud feeling inside you get when watching activities, sports days or just generally every day my Amber makes me smile 💕
“…You think you’re too old. Suddenly you become mum/nanny and it’s the most rewarding thing. Especially when she smiles and says you’re the best.”
“….hearing the words ‘I love you’ everyday. My son was a special gift who makes my life complete.”


Our Father’s Day Competition Winners – June 2020

Post a funny photo of your Dad:

Our Lockdown Competition

Helen RH: My two boys had a clear out of their no longer used toys & books. They gave them to children & grandchildren in our neighbourhood – anti bac’d & left on doorsteps with a little note.
This thank you note was pushed through the letterbox from a friend 🖤”

Tjk W: Spent time making a huge effort with her maths, an area of struggle ❤️👏🏼😍”

Audrey J: My daughter Nahia, 6 years old, has learn how to do her laces up and improved her creative skills”

Rob JJ: Oh so much, but if I had to pick, Dylan, 10, tidied his room, without being asked to do it and George, 12, decided that he wanted to take up a new hobby, and 2 days after our new pets arrived he was brave enough to get hands on.”

Our Mother’s Day competition winners March 2020

The lucky winners to our Mother’s Day competition to our question:

‘What’s the best advice you would share with other Mums’ are:

First prize goes to ….. Simone T – The best advice I would share with other mums is – don’t sweat the small stuff, no parent does everything perfect or even right, we try our hardest and that’s what counts”

Second prize goes to …. Julie B – “The best advice I would share with other mums is – don’t try to be Super Woman – things can wait. Ask for help when you need it – we all deserve a break”

Third prize goes to …..Helen M who NOMINATED Natalie C “The best advice I would like to share with other Mums is – treasure and enjoy each day with your children. As mothers we guide them, protect them and help them build confidence. I’m not entering this competition for me but I would like to nominate a close friend who is one incredible Mum inside and out and that goes to Natalie C who shows her loves for her 4 boys plus my son each and every day, she will go above and beyond and this Mothers’ Day she truly deserves the best. Love you Nat.xx”

Costa Coffee Competition winner

This is a picture of Gemma Bastick, one of our lucky Costa Coffee Competition winners.  Gemma, along with 4 others have won a free small drink kindly donated by Costa Coffee Haverhill!

Look out for more of our competitions on our Facebook page.