Our mind develops habits, and these habits  can make us tense, uptight or cause pain and anxiety. Whatever difficulties we have in life it can be hard sometimes not to feel overwhelmed and with an anxious mind, solutions seem hard to find. In meditation we can use the breath to create some space in our […]

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Lockdown Tips for Parents and Carers

Stay strong guys, we’ve done this once and we’ll do it again.           Top tips to help you and your children through lockdown (based on the Sharing Parenting 4 Cs) include: stay CONNECTed with friends and family in which ever way you can (talk on the phone, text, Facebook, meet for […]

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Emergency Contacts

If you live in the Newmarket Area download this leaflet for information about support. Newmarket Community Helpline Newmarket Coronavirus Community Helpline During this period when some main offices are closed you may find these contacts useful for you or to help your children: Local Emergency Numbers Fire, Police or Ambulance emergency? Call 999           For non […]

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