Cheap, easy & nutritious meals

If you have been on our Raising Children programme you will have heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of need or take a look here: As food is so important to mood and behaviour remember: We are what we eat! Research has found that processed foods are not good for us and our children, but healthy […]

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Teenage drinking

What is your opinion on teenage drinking? Another parenting dilemma discussed by Sharing Parenting Director Suzanne Pearson on BBC radio 5 live: Find out more about the teenage brain and how to keep communication open with your teenagers on our Raising Teens course. For more information contact us. […]

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Time for teens

You won’t believe how a simple adjustment in my busy life has got my teen to communicate with me……… In 2015 it was reported that amid 53,000 children in 15 countries, British youngsters are among the unhappiest, so how can we combat this? As my daughter has hit those dreaded teen years (the Kevin and […]

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