47. How keep your safe child with Video Gaming

We know that video gaming is now one of the dominant forms of entertainment and also one that’s causes parents anxiety.  Although there are benefits to gaming the addictive nature to adrenalin caused by this activity can leave teenagers spending hours online and many frustrated parents. What can a parent do to support their child […]

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45. Podcast: Why won’t my teenager sleep at night and can’t wake in the morning?

Are you feeling frustrated with your teenager who ‘won’t’ go to sleep at night and struggles to wake in the morning? You are not alone! Take a listen to Ginny and Suzanne where they discuss this and more about the changing teenage brain and how to support them during this time, following the question:  “What changes […]

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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy provides a confidential, safe place to use play to help children work through things that are bothering them, and to make sense of their life experiences. It aims to empower children by helping them to acknowledge their feelings constructively and give them strategies for coping with the difficulties they face. Most of the […]

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