Corporate Support

Is your Company keen to give back to your local Community?

Would you like parents and families to see your branding?

Do you have parents working for you?

As a Community Interest Company we put all our profits back into our business so we can offer our parenting support to parents and carers for free. Below are some ideas of how you could support us and get involved with Sharing Parenting. If you have any other ideas please do contact us as we would love to hear from you.

As you are aware government cuts to family support and Children’s Centres has been increasingly growing over recent years, whilst child poverty is on the increase in Suffolk and areas of Cambridgeshire. This is why Sharing Parenting is always working hard to secure funding to continually offer all of our parenting programmes for free to parents and carers.

Parents who have attended our courses say:

 “Since doing this course I feel more confident with my children and within myself to deal with/manage things”

“I think every parent should do this course” 

“Everything I have learnt on this course has helped me deal with others and myself – it’s great!”

“Sharing Parenting was the perfect opportunity to meet people like myself… the fact that the course is so brilliant was a bonus!”

100% of parents who attended our courses last year said they would recommend our course to other parents.

Below are some examples of how you could support us:

Sponsor our event(s):

We hold a biennial Parenting Conference and local businesses sponsor this so we can provide free goodie bags, hand outs, workshops, lunch and refreshments to participants. If you would like to sponsor our parenting conference or event please contact us.

Sponsor our Pop Up:

We provide on going Pop Up’s for parents and carers so they can easily access us in their local area – if you would like to sponsor a Pop Up or event please contact us

Provide a Community Space for our Pop Up, Course or Workshop:

We are keen to reach and run courses in our parents and carers local areas – if you are able to provide a space for us please contact us.


If your business is able to donate financially and/or your business is holding a  fundraising event (dress down Friday, Cake bake etc) we would be happy to provide you with our Sharing Parenting leaflets and posters if you would like to donate the proceeds to Sharing Parenting to support us please contact us for more information.

Advertise for us:

Parents and carers are everywhere and even in your workplace! If you are able to promote and signpost parents and carers working for you to our services please contact us.

Sponsor a lunch time or after work workshop for your employees:

Many working parents contact us to say they find it difficult to attend our Courses and Workshops because of work commitments – if you are able to fund and offer a lunch time slot for a Sharing Parenting Taster please contact us so you can add this to your employee benefits.

A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors:

Mildenhall Parish Council