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“Everyone should have a chance to do a Sharing Parenting course, it’s the best course I have ever done!….I don’t want to be an ‘OK’ parent, I want to be a brilliant parent and doing the course has given me the tools to help me. I learnt so many things that I continue to use every single day and I sometimes don’t know how I managed before. As well as the invaluable skills I learnt about parenting, I used to look forward to going every week. The course leader and other parents, are so supportive and it’s nice to know they are on your side. The courses were a special time for me to dedicate time to working out how to make the most of this most precious part of my life – bringing up my children. Our whole family now works as a team, the pressure has been taken off me, but also my children are learning how to be confident and capable adults themselves.”
Sharing parenting Raising Teens

Sharing Parenting offers a range of Parent Support Programmes for parents to gain confidence and knowledge in their role as parents, to enable them to support their children, in a non judgmental environment.

We believe that good quality and reliable parenting information and support should be available to all parents and we are working hard to normalise parenting support.

When you start a new job you usually get training, on going support and regular feedback. Even when you buy a new car, microwave or TV you can reach for the manual when you don’t understand how it works.

Parenting is the biggest and most important job you will ever do, so we feel it is it is normal and natural for parents to come along to our Sharing Parenting Courses (1 or 2 hour sessions once a week, for a few weeks),Workshops (1 or 1/2 day one off sessions) and Tasters (One off’s for 1 or 2 hours), bespoke 1 to 1 support or our Pop Up’s in the community to support you in your parenting role as your children move from toddlers to teens and into adult hood.  

Please browse around our Courses, Workshops and Tasters, 1 to 1 support, What’s Coming Up, Where To Meet Us and our Frequently Asked Questions pages for more information about how we can support you in your parenting role.

Please also see our Parents Stories and Feedback to see how we have supported other parents and carers.

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