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We are a warm, friendly, approachable and team of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience we would like to share with you.

We always say that we are not ‘experts’ and we are always willing to learn but the many parents and professionals we have supported over the years, tell us our programmes and support has made a significant difference to their (and their children’s) lives.

You can read some of our parents comments here and professional comments here.

Listen to our Director, Suzanne Pearson when we won our FSB Community Award 🙂

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My vision and passion for sharing knowledge, advice and support for parents has resulted in ‘Sharing Parenting’ of which I am honoured to be the founder/ Director.

With Sharing Parenting I have delivered programmes and workshops for both parents and professionals in the UK and overseas including the Middle East and USA.

I have over 25 years’ experience working in the field of Parent Education. Working for Parenting UK and the National Academy of Parenting Research.

I have been involved in developing both the occupational standards and qualifications for the parenting sector.

As a qualified Occupational Psychologist and Adlerian Counsellor I work both with groups and individual parents around parenting skills, as well as co-author of a number of parenting packs.

Prior to this, I gained a wide and thorough experience working with Suffolk County Council managing their County Parenting service and supporting their youth programme.

You can contact me via email or telephone me: 07519 038536


I firmly believe that encouraging and supporting parents to develop positive relationships within their families is the key to healthier, happier children, families and the wider community.

This belief comes from my extensive experience in all aspects of child development and care.

I am a trained teacher, youth worker and ‘Adlerian Counsellor’. I have been lucky enough to have spent over 15 years specialising in Parent Education within a Community Education context.

I am presently involved in supporting Sharing Parenting staff through supervision and mentoring. 

Administrator and SEN Support 


Alison -Sharing Parenting Administrator

I am the SEN Support Worker and I also work behind the scenes doing the administrative tasks and supporting the Sharing Parenting Team.

After 24 years of teaching and 19 years of parenting, I am chuffed to be working for an organisation which puts relationships and nurturing at the centre of its cause. 



I have worked as the Book Keeper for Sharing Parenting since 2010, and I have always enjoyed working for such a friendly and supportive team. I handle all of the financial work, from staff payroll, to invoicing customers, analysing budgets and expenditure and income analysis.

I have two young primary school aged children who, as they have grown, I have found myself using various ideas and techniques that Suzanne has suggested to me. For example, I am now aware of my ‘True Colour‘ and have an understanding as to what my son’s colours are and why we often behave differently in our approaches to life and, as a result, I can relate to his reactions and actions more easily because I understand them.

I have also used techniques to calmly deal with any Sibling Rivalry and general emotions and anxieties that arise.

Personally I have found that encouraging them to ‘sit like a frog’ using Mindfulness allowed them to think about how they feel and smooth out any feelings of anger or upset much quicker.

Project Manager


I love managing the different projects at Sharing Parenting. I have written some of the new programmes and courses, such as Refresher for Raising Children,  and deliver Sharing Parenting Courses and Workshops.

I have worked with children and families for over 30 years and have experience working in Nurseries, Private homes, Children Centres, Schools and Family Worker roles for Cambridgeshire County Council.

There are so many Sharing Parenting Strategies I have used and I use different ones for different age, stage and situations – The first one which changed my parenting was ‘Don’t say don’t however, I always come back to the ‘4 C’s’ though, which have really helped me understand the behaviours of my own children as they moved from toddlers to teens  – and other relationships too.

I’m not sure how I could have survived parenthood or my Family Worker roles without the Sharing Parenting advice and strategies!


Sharing Parenting Clare


Hi! I am Jan Stanbury-Jones, I hold a Sharing Parenting franchise and am a local parent in Clare with four children in primary, secondary and 6th form.

I am not a ‘parenting expert’ or ‘super-nanny’, nor are my children perfectly behaved! However, I found the Sharing Parenting Programme really helped me understand why my children can be challenging and how to deal with tricky behaviour. That’s why I want to share it with you!

I offer 1:1 parenting support in Clare, Sudbury and surrounding villages. To find out more please visit my Facebook page @sharingparentingclare or email: I look forward to hearing from you!

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