Child feeling anxious going back to school?

With school started many children just fit back into place.  They enjoy catching up with friends, seeing their new teacher and the whole school experience.  However there are those children who find school difficult and can get anxious over it and truly dread it.  They worry about making friends, playtime and leaving mum and dad.  Depending on your child’s age different things will worry them at different times.  Anxiety at school can be made worse by stressful situations at home, learning problems or bullying, it is important to be aware of this.


Some helpful tips if your child is anxious at school –

  • Keep communication open with your child, encourage them to talk about school, their fears and concerns. Remember we have 2 ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you talk if you can.
  • When children feel anxious about school they may want to take days off…this can make it difficult for them to go to school the next day. Try to avoid this and use encouragement.
  • Talk about good school experiences and school events.

And lastly, when our children become anxious it can make us feel unsettled and anxious and then our children pick up on this which can make them feel worse and it can go round in circles.

Try to manage your own fears and anxiety by talking with a friend or partner; this will help you and your child.

Taking care of your own needs will help your child’s needs.

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