STAYING WELL checklist

Taking care of your mental health is important, so you can take care of others.
If you have a down day (and they are allowed) take a look at this STAYING WELL daily checklist and choose one to tick off and see if it makes you feel better.
S leep
If you haven’t had a good nights sleep take a short nap (if you can), prepare for a good nights sleep by coming off electronic screens at least 2 hours before bed, have a bath and practice mindfulness.
T imeout for your brain
Mindfulness can stop you feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Take time to sit quietly and listen to your breathing or listen to an online meditation app.
A cheive somthing
For some it’s getting out of bed and getting dressed. Be realistic and be kind to yourself and don’t expect too much.
Y ou are not alone
If you haven’t got family or friends you can talk to, chat to the cashier in the supermarket or Facetime or Zoom call someone if you can. You may want to join a group – online or face to face.
I ndividuals can make a difference
Helping others can also help us to feel better. Check in with your neighbours or volunteer to help your local community if you can.
N ow will pass
When times are tough you may have to concentrate on only getting through the next minute, hour, day etc. Try not to worry about the future.
G rattitude
Write down something you feel grateful for – for some it is having something to eat or a hot drink, or to see the sun shining, or to have a warm bed. W alk Walk, run, cycle, swim or choose an exercise you prefer
E at healthy foods
Plan to eat at least 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day. A healthy body is a healthy mind.
L ove yourself
Make time for some of your favourite things or something that makes you feel good. For some it is a bubble bath, enjoying a cup of coffee, watching your favourite TV show or reading a magazine.
L ight
Go outside for a walk or in the garden, plan to get outside tomorrow in the day light (to work, in your lunch break etc)
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