31. How does your parenting style effect behaviour and self esteem?

What’s your parenting style?

3 icons passive assertive and aggressive

What parenting style did you grow up with?

At Sharing Parenting we discuss 3 different styles: 

 1. Aggressive – this is the Sergeant Major type, behaviours include shouting and threatening body language such as finger pointing.

2. Passive – Mr or Ms Marshmallow, likely to be giving in quickly to all demands, slumped body language, avoiding eye contact, quiet voice

3. Assertive – Mr/Mrs Firm and Friendly, Respectful, says sorry, prepared to change their mind – this is the one we should be striving to be.

In reality we are usually a little bit of all them and depending on how full your jug is can have a big effect on how you respond to your parenting demands.

Research has found that children living with an Assertive Parenting Style are more likely to have a healthier self-esteem, make better choices and take responsibility, solve problems, manages compromise and disappointment, feel involved and heard, is happy and respectful, accepts what they cannot change and is ready to learn at school.

Remember none of us are perfect but if you can try to use Assertive behaviours most of the time and learn to say sorry when you don’t your children will benefit from it.

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