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Sharing parenting Raising Teens

If you have a couple of hours to spare (OK we know this is not a question for a parent!) and you want to gain some bitesized tips and strategies to support your parenting, our taster sessions are a great introduction to our programmes. 

Taster Sessions are usually 1 -2 hour one off sessions and give a flavour of our programmes and as our parents and carers like them so much, they are often are the first step to signing up to one of our Workshops or Courses.

Please browse around our Sharing Parenting Taster section below, for a selelction of our taster sessions, please note any of our courses can be adapted to a Taster Session also:

Power Struggles

Do you always feel you are getting  ‘in the ring’ with your child? Here we share effective strategies to avoid parent and child power struggles….

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen

Learn about ‘effective listening’ and tips and strategies to help you communicate effectively with your child/ren…

Motivating Your Child Academically

This Taster will give you a range of techniques and strategies to motivate your child/ren to be able to concentrate at school or to study ….

Parenting Styles

We all have a parenting style that affects our communication.  Different parenting styles have different effects on children. You are the role model for your children, so let us support you to practice positive behaviours …..

Sibling Rivalry

Did you know Sibling Rivalry is normal?!  Join us to find out the best way to support your children with it …..

Understanding Challenging Behaviour

Challenging behaviour is a normal part of growing up. Learn more about how children learn through exploring our world …..


What effects do labels have on our children? Come and find out if a label is a good or bad thing? ….

Effective Discipline

We know you are doing the best with what you already know. Join us and pick up some useful tips and strategies to make your, and your children’s life easier ….

Birth Order

Did you know that your position in the family can have an effect on how you behave? Come and find out how the position in the family of our children affects how they behave …..

True Colours

Have you ever wondered why your children have different tastes and interests to each other or even you? Come and find out why here ……

Dads Matter

Calling all Dads to come and meet other Dads and gain some useful tips and strategies to share with the family ……

Please also read our Sharing Parenting Stories and Feedback from other parents who have attended our programmes.

Please also see our Courses (1 or 2 hour sessions held once a week, delivered over several weeks) – Raising Toddlers, Raising Children, Raising Teens, Dads Matter, Outside the Box, Sibling Rivalry, Let’s Play, Food for Thought, True Colours, Mindfulness and Confident Parents-Confident Children.

Please also see our Workshops (one off sessions delivered in one or half a day) – An Introduction to Building Resilience, An Introduction to Mindfulness, An Introduction to True Colours and An Introduction to Confident Parents-Confident Children.

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