Newmarket’s 1st parenting conference was heralded a huge success!

Newmarket’s 1st parenting conference was heralded a huge success!

Over 50 parents and professionals, working with children and families, attended the ‘Everyday Magic by Ordinary People’, ‘Sharing Parenting’ Conference, on Thursday 3rd May, at Newmarket Memorial hall.

Suzanne Pearson, from ‘Sharing Parenting’ said “The Parenting Conference was a huge success – it was good to see so many parents attending and chatting to the agencies who provided parenting information and support. The conference was part of our ongoing mission to support all parents in raising happy, healthy, confident children and to normalise parenting support.  We really believe that parents accessing parent support should be normal and we feel that all parents should be able to benefit from the range of tools and strategies that make our jobs a bit easier and our homes happier”.

The conference was opened by Councillor Robin Millar, from Forest Heath District Council, and attendees enjoyed informative talks from Suffolk Mind, Autism and ADHD, Epic Dad’s and from parents, who had successfully attended previous ‘Sharing Parenting’ courses, and wanted to encourage other parents to sign up.

One parent, who moved to the area with her children said In the last 6 years we have lived in 2 continents, 3 countries, 6 towns and 14 houses. We need to feel at home and make our children feel the same. I had very high expectations about the course – it’s much better than I thought it would be, it is very powerful, it has changed everything – the way we listen to our children and how to communicate with them – it’s so amazing.  I think every adult that deals with children should do it.  Can you imagine – if every mother and father received the course –  how many tears and suffering could be avoided on both sides (kids and adults)?!”

Another parent who has 3 children, one with an additional needs diagnosis, described the changes the ‘Sharing Parenting’ support has made to her family “ I had low expectations and initially wanted to know how I could get my child up and out for school – I learnt how to do that and so much more..”

Workshops included tasters from ‘Sharing Parenting’s’, Sibling Rivalry, Raising Teens, True Colours, Discipline and Managing Behaviour and Autism and ADHD.

Parents and professionals had the opportunity to find out more about how local agencies can support them, including Homestart, Citizen’s Advice, One Life, Suffolk Family Carers, Broken Barriers and the Airman and Family Readiness Centre.

Free lunch, cake, refreshments and goody bags were given to all attendees thanks to the generosity from local sponsors including Tindalls, The Jockey Club Estates, Orbit Housing, Ormonde, Newmarket Horse Racing Museum, Tesco and Waitrose.

Suzanne Pearson added, “Feedback from the attendees was so positive and many have requested it to be an annual event … this space!”

If you would like to find out more about Sharing Parenting or managing children’s behaviour please contact 01638 665997, or visit