1. Screen time – How much is too much?

Screen time – “How much is too much?”

Screen time, like a lot of tools, when used properly, can have a lot of benefits for children.

There are some great educational sites and the trick is to pick your children’s sites carefully. However, like anything, it can misused.

There is a lot of evidence now that shows how much too much time on screens can harm both the children’s communication and social skills which are much needed in school and life.

Decide as a family what your rules around screen time will be, each family is different.

When you have your rules – keep to them! Be consistent.

Make sure your child is clear on the rules and the consequences of breaking them.

If your child is old enough, let them be part of this decision process, ask them their views and take them into consideration before you make your final rule.

Parent question answered by Suzanne Pearson, Psychologist and Director of Sharing Parenting.

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