Homework – “Does it work?”

Homework – “Does it work?”

The first thing to look at is whose responsibility is the homework?

When they are young we have to take the lead role as parents, however, as children grow up the responsibility should gently shift to the child. This allows the child to learn the consequences of not doing it and also the rewards when they do choose to do it.

Embedding learning is an important part of progression and moving onto the next stage of learning.

Recent research shows that 2 hours a day produces the best results, but in a busy family this can be hard to achieve.

The important thing is to get a routine as a family, with parents seeing homework as a positive part of the child’s learning and future success.

Remember the responsibility for doing the homework is the child’s, our job as parents is to support and help…when we can!

Balance is so important in a child’s life, you know them best so make time to play as important as the homework too and see your child thrive!

Parent question answered by Suzanne Pearson, Psychologist and Director of Sharing Parenting.