2. Discipline- What is the best way to discipline my kids?

Discipline- “What is the best way to discipline my kids?”

Try to put yourself into the child’s shoes for a moment.

How would you feel as the child being disciplined?

Imagine if your parent took away your favourite toy or some other privilege? What feelings arise? Does it feel unfair? Do you feel disrespected?

Taking away a toy or privilege away for an hour can have the same effect as if you were to take it away for a week.

Our approach to discipline should be respectful and fair.

Discipline is about learning.

What lesson are you trying to teach?

What can they learn from this interaction?

All behaviour is communication, so before jumping to discipline, try to understand the reason behind your child’s behaviour.

Keep the discipline moderate, respectful and fair.

Finally, LISTEN – think 2 ears 1 mouth and try to listen twice as much as you speak. Watch how this improves the relationship with your child and helps you better understand the reasons behind your child’s behaviour.

Parent question answered by Suzanne Pearson, Psychologist and Director of Sharing Parenting.