Cheap & easy Christmas Presents

Christmas is creeping closer and is always a tricky time when looking for ideal presents and can be an expensive time for families too. If you celebrate Christmas, and feel you have to give presents, we have put together some ideas to help keep the cost down.

Remember though, the best thing you can spend on children (and family) is TIME and that is free!

  • You could create a TIME voucher. Make a promise to give some of your precious time to someone to help over the next year like spending time helping with a garden project, spending time helping with moving to a new house, spending time helping to decorate, or baby sit free of charge. Have a chat with family members about this in advance as they may want to do the same.
  • Why not agree with friends and family not to spend money on adults so the financial burden is lessened. Focus on gifts for your children and spending quality time with friends and family over the festive season rather than money. It’s also an environmentally friendly option too.
  • Agree an affordable budget per person before you start spending (and stick to it) – again you could discuss and agree this with friends and family in advance too.
  • Perhaps you could agree with family and friends to give experiences instead like a trip to the ice rink, or cinema, or to a theme park in the summer instead of toys.
  • Have a look in your local Charity shops, Free online sites such as Freecycle or Gumtree Facebook Market place etc. for cheap pre loved items.
  • If you are good at planning, try to spread the cost of Christmas throughout the year so you don’t have to bear the heavy financial burden at the end of the year. It also helps giving yourself time to focus on making things yourself wherever you can in our ever-busy lives.

Have you considered making gifts yourself for others?

Gifts can mean so much more to others knowing you have taken the time to make them yourself and it’s often a cheaper option too.

Have a look at this festive homemade gift list and see if anything gives you inspiration about what you could make for a special person this Christmas and save money.

  • Bake a gingerbread cake, or any cake and wrapping it up as a gift.
  • Create a hamper with a basket or a tin filled with crepe or tissue paper and add small gifts like travel sized smellies like hand cream, soap, a flannel, and shower gel. You can add anything really, make it a foody box filled with sweets or a man tin filled with a pair of socks, deodorant, clippers or everyday items that will be used and appreciated.
  • If you can afford it why not create a reverse hamper as a family. Decide on a charity or food bank and for each day in December, add something to your box. By Christmas Eve you can have 24 items ready to be delivered to help another family or charity. This is a great way of helping your children ti think of others and to avoid getting caught up in the commercialisation of Christmas.
  • Make salt dough tree decorations and wrap them up as a gift.
  • Create your own wreaths and festive decorations from cuttings and plants in your garden.
  • Learn a craft on YouTube and crochet bracelets, make your own Christmas cards, create sweet jars or your own festive jam or chutney to give away. Jam jars can be collected

If you have any other ideas you would like to share please do contact us.

Most importantly, make sure you take a little time out for yourself to relax over the festive period from now on as the festivities build. See it as a well-deserved gift to yourself.

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