What do Golf and Parenting have in common?


What do Golf and Parenting have in common?

 What do golf and parenting have in common - find out with Sharing Parenting, golfer on pitch and tutor teaching.





Rules of the Game

Golf and Parenting: Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Presence, Participation.


Golf: It’s difficult to achieve the perfect stroke in Golf. Work on your stance, balance and swing.  Being consistent in your approach makes it easier to gain the desired outcomes.

Parenting: Consistency in Parenting is also difficult.  Being consistent with rules, boundaries, communication and love is essential to achieve positive outcomes for your children.


Golf: The right clubs, balls, shoes and gloves make the game possible.  They only improve the game when used appropriately.

Parenting: Equipment that can complement parenting skills include, books, toys and sometimes computers.  When used appropriately, they can help enhance the parenting experience.

Natural Talent

Golf: Nature or Nurture?  You can have a natural talent for golf but it has to go alongside practice.  Improvement is only possible through the nurture of skills.

Parenting: Some parents find parenting easier than others but in all cases there has to be a continuing drive to practice and mature skills to be effective.

The Obstacles – Challenges and Hazards

The Weather

Golf: It can be the golfer’s best friend or worst enemy. The golfer has to have a plan for all weathers.

Parenting: In Parenting there are good and bad days.  If you can have a plan it will help.  Sharing Parenting can help you with strategies for those bad weather days.


Golf: They are there to test us. A way to avoid the bunker is consistent play.  The way to get-out of a bunker is to stay steady, maintain a firm footing, and measure your swing. Leave the bunker as it was with no damage.

Parenting: When you are in the Parenting Bunker, work on maintaining your focus and continue to apply consistent rules and clear communication.  Ensure the child’s self-esteem remains intact as you overcome the problems.


Golf: A bad stance = a bad stroke.  Adjust and maintain what you know to be the optimum stance.

Parenting: In parenting, a bad stance will promote negativity and a mis-firing in communication.  Aim for an assertive, not aggressive style for optimum results.

Time Pressure

Golf: In golf there is always a time constraint.

Parenting: Time Pressure for parents is constant.


Golf: – Don’t dwell on errors.  Just be determined to return to best practice as you have been shown.

Parenting: As a parent, don’t beat yourself up when things go wrong.  Again, return to what you know to be effective practices.


Golf and Parenting: For both Golf and Parenting – Expensive!


Golf and Parenting: Immeasurable.

Happy Golfing – Happy Parenting

Sharing Parenting might not be able to help improve your golf (!) but it can certainly help with your parenting goals. Contact us for more parenting support.