29. Parenting Podcasts

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To help more parents access quality parenting information and support we’ve joined the world of podcasting. Search Sharing Parenting Podcasts for REAL parents on Apple Podcasts, or where ever you get your podcasts or click below. 


1. “Why do I always feel as though I am failing as a parent” 

2.   ‘I am worried about the cost of everything and how to explain this to my children’:

(recorded November 2022) 

3. “Why are my children so different from each other?

Ginny and Hannah discuss different personality traits and how to support them. 

4.  “My 8 year old keeps falling out with her best friend – should I get involved?” 

5. “My children are always fighting, how can I get them to like each other?

6. “My child is always hurting me, what can I do?” 

7.  “What changes are normal for teenagers? My teenager won’t sleep at night and is difficult to wake in the morning”

What will I hear? 

Each episode includes one or two members of the Sharing Parenting team chatting with Ginny about different parenting themes. We discuss ‘real parenting’ issues to normalise parenting support and we share simple and effective tips and strategies in each podcast.

What’s YOUR parenting question?

We invite parents to send in their ‘real parenting’ questions for discussion and support. These can be shared anonymously if you prefer. Please email with your question and let us know if you want us to share your name.

Would YOU like to be a guest speaker?

If you are a professional working with parents and families we invite you to join us as a guest speaker. Please contact us or email to let us know.


We would love to know your thoughts about our podcasts (good or bad!) please email with your feedback. Thank you.

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