34. How to identify and respond to the need behind the behaviour

It is important to share the people behind the research before we begin. ALFRED ADLER (1870-1937) Alfred Adler was an Austrian psychotherapist working in Vienna at the same time as Freud. He was one of the first psychotherapists who was interested in the relationship between parents and their children and individuals and society. Adler recognised […]

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31. How does your parenting style effect behaviour and self esteem?

What’s your parenting style? What parenting style did you grow up with? At Sharing Parenting we discuss 3 different styles:   1. Aggressive – this is the Sergeant Major type, behaviours include shouting and threatening body language such as finger pointing. 2. Passive – Mr or Ms Marshmallow, likely to be giving in quickly to all demands, slumped body language, […]

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