6. Stories without books can be educational (and fun) too!

Splish Splash Splosh was all I could hear as the kids ran through the puddles in their wellies. So I joined in too!

Don’t let reading become a chore and bring stories to life with your children, indoors and out. Acting out stories and

repeating phrases from stories will help to build up confidence in early readers by making it a fun experience.

Anyone can join in. It boosts self-assurance, engagement, supports speaking & learning and listening skills, and finally

can bridge the gap between language, reading & writing.

A walk in the park can become an expedition to find the Wild Things, make up your own adventure stories or go on a

bear hunt. Put a picnic lunch in a rucksack with a copy of the book and wear a good pair of wellies and  …

You’re going on a bear hunt!

What adventures will you go on next?