18. Do You Have An Owl Or A Lark In Your Family?

“My youngest has been having a hard time over the last few days with settling down to school work, and is increasingly frustrated at learning at home.

After a particularly stressful morning with my 7 year old sobbing and anxious something had to change.

We had a family meeting to discuss what was working and what wasn’t for everyone. I asked Miss 7 what she needed to be able to get what her teacher sets done – she simply said more “play time”!

Reading between the lines, we could see that she was wanting to play first thing in the morning.

We decided to change the timetable with input from the children and now we ease them into the day slower – Miss 7 seems to work better later in the day, so we have shifted things about a bit.

It is working well so far… and actually the amount of time spent doing school work hasn’t really changed – we have just adjusted timings to suit our youngest’s preferred times.

Today she even got so engrossed in her learning that she didn’t want to stop when it was scheduled free time!!!”

We have a saying at Sharing Parenting: 

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!’

What could you change to make life a little calmer? 

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