“A huge thank you for the 3 Day Raising Children training. It was a fantastic course, lots of great information which I will be able to use in groups or 1:1 with my families at the Children’s Centre. I look forward to learning more with Sharing Parenting”
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Frequently Asked Questions by Professionals

We have listed some of the common questions we are asked below. We would love to hear your questions too. If you have one of your own please contact us by clicking the contact us button below.

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  • What is Sharing Parenting?

Sharing Parenting is a not for profit community Interest organisation that offers a menu of support to parents and a range of training to professionals around parenting skills. For more information please see our What is Sharing Parenting page in the About Us section on this website.

  • I would like to deliver the Raising Children Course to parents – how do I do this? What training do I need?

Please see more information about this on our Facilitation Training page in the For Professionals section of this website, but in brief:

The first step in delivering Raising Children is to do the 3 day training delivered by Sharing Parenting. There is then a 5 stage training process that we recommend to become a confident facilitator.

Step 1 – 3 day training

Step 2 – Participant Observer

Step 3 – Co-Facilitate

Step 4 – Facilitate

Step 5 – Accreditation

In addition we would recommend that you participate in a Raising Children course as a parent when you can as this is a very different experience to delivering as a Facilitator.

  • What is Accreditation?

This is a day where trained facilitators come together to qualify for the  the Raising Children accreditation. This maintains the fidelity of the programme and ensures the standard required when delivering. This is a supportive day which includes a quiz on Adler, and a 10 minute micro teach of part of the programme to peers.

  • How long is the training?

The full on the job training can take up to a year, with each programme 10 weeks long.

Term 1 – Attending as a participant observer, then Term 2 –  Co-Facilitate then Term 3 – Facilitate.

We want you to feel confident delivering the Sharing Parenting programme.

  • What is a Participant Observer?

The three key roles – Participant Observer, Co-Facilitator and Lead Facilitator have key guidelines please see more information about this on our Facilitation Training page in the For Professionals section of this website, to help you work your way to Facilitation.

  • Where can I get trained?

Most people who are trained work for an organisation which will pay for their training and support them through the training. However we do have people who also do this on their own. Please contact us  or look out for the next 3 Day Training course on on What’s Coming Up page in the For Professionals section of this website.

  • How much is the training?

The cost of the 3 Day training on average costs £650 for the training and the resources you will need to deliver it, however this can vary and its best to check the website.

  • When I am trained to deliver the Raising Children course does this mean I can deliver the other Sharing Parenting Programmes?

The 3 day Raising Children programme (or the 3 day Raising Teens Programme) are the gateway to other programmes. Once you have done the 3 days you can use this as a springboard to do conversions to our other programmes  and courses e.g. One day Raising Toddlers, One day Raising Teens, one day Sibling Rivalry etc.

  • What other Sharing Parenting programmes are there?

We have a range of programmes – Courses which are delivered over a few weeks, Workshops which are one full or half day – one off’s and Taster’s which are delivered in 1 or 2 hours – one off sessions.

Courses include:

Raising Toddlers, Raising Children, Raising Teens, Dads Matter, Outside the Box, Sibling Rivalry, Let’s Play, Food for Thought, Building Resilience, True Colours, Mindfulness and Confident Parents-Confident Children.

Workshops include:

An Introduction to Building Resilience, An Introduction to Mindfulness, An Introduction to True Colours and An Introduction to Confident Parents-Confident Children.

Tasters include:

Power Struggles, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, Motivating Your Child Academically, Parenting Styles, Sibling Rivalry, Understanding Challenging Behaviour, Labelling, Effective Discipline, Birth Order, True Colours and Dads Matter.

Please read feedback from professionals with have worked with and supported on our Professionals Comments page.

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