Professional’s Comments

"Our new Family Support Worker has been extremely proactive in making links with parents, e.g. greeting them on the gate every morning, creating her own display board, meaning that she has already been established as a member of our community (parents were overheard discussing how good she is in a local shop!)"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
Family Worker in post
“A huge thank you for the 3 Day Raising Children training. It was a fantastic course, lots of great information which I will be able to use in groups or 1:1 with my families at the Children’s Centre. I look forward to learning more with Sharing Parenting”
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
Family Worker
"One Playleader called me to say ‘thank you’ as she told me without my support (to signposting) they would have had to close the community parent and children group down"
Outreach Worker
"We have reduced the number of CAFs submitted as we are able to offer better and more sustainable support in school via our Family Support Worker"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
Head Teacher
Family Worker in post

“Informative and motivating”

“It has made me rethink how I act at work and home”

“Challenging in many ways”

“It has consolidated previous learning and knowledge”

“I feel more confident in my role”

“It has been thought provoking”

“I feel much more confident in dealing with parents, and will also be able to use the skills I have learnt in my personal life. Great training”

“Excellent trainer – real expert”

“A very useful course that will benefit my practice in the future”

“I have gained confidence and an increased knowledge and understanding to underpin my practice”

“I will be able to use the resources in my individual work with parents”

“Fascinating and inspiring!”

“Completing the WWP made me want to research more to improve my work”

“I now know how to better help parents with issues around play, respect and assertiveness”

“I will feel more confident supporting parents with toddlers after completing this training”

“I will use all of what I have learnt, especially the play session, it fits well with our age groups and our families”

“Fantastic training, want more!”
“I feel more confident to work with families around children’s behaviour”

“I will definitely use the strategies to help parents. Acknowledging parents’ and child’s needs relating to Maslow’s Hierarchy”

“I love the Adler model, simple and effective; feel confident I can use it”

“I learnt more about discipline, identifying needs behind behaviour and strategies to improve relationships”

“I have gained an amazing amount or knowledge & skills. I have a clearer understanding of why teens behave as they do, how best to support and motivate and the importance of listening”

“I have more awareness of teenagers’ needs and behaviours and how to communicate rules and boundaries with them”

“I feel much more confident now. I will use information I have learnt on the 4C’s, listening, labelling, understanding behaviour, encouraging and effective discipline strategies”

“Brilliant, informative with lot’s of strategies”

“Found it very interesting and full of information that is common sense we don’t always use”

“Strategies, which are possible to use in the workplace and home”

“Excellent strategies …. Knowing what the child is trying to achieve and why”

…. and more! Please contact us if you would like to find out more of the above – or you have some feedback of your own!