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"Our aim to make our school community more resilient has been fantastically supported by the work of Sharing Parenting. A tailor made training course for staff has given them the tools to help others and themselves become more resilient. Theory is mixed with practical guidance that teachers can apply to the classroom. Highly recommend!"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
Chesterton Academy, Cambridge

Do you work with parents, carers and families in a professional role?

Do you offer One to One support and advice?

Would you be interested in gaining a qualification to work with parents?

Do you mange professionals who work with parents, cares and families?

We work closely with schools and external organisations and offer professionals a range of opportunities to gain confidence, skills and knowledge in order to develop positive strategies for them, to support them in their work with parents and carers and to help them raise healthy happy children.

We have Family Support Workers in All Saints CEVA Primary School and Laureate Community Academy School and Nursery in Newmarket and Westfield Primary Academy in Haverhill but we can work with professionals from any school.

Please see our Who We Work With Page for more information.

At Sharing Parenting our Approach is always encouraging, enabling, empowering and educating.

How Sharing Parenting can support your organisation

Sharing Parenting can support your organisation in a range of ways:

  1. We can deliver CPD MODULES to your professionals to support them in their work with children, parents and or families. 
  2. Our trained facilitators can DELIVER PARENTING PROGRAMMES to your parents or carers in your school or organisation.
  3. We can TRAIN YOUR PROFESSIONALS to deliver these programmes to your parents or carers.
  4. You can SIGNPOST your parents or carers to our courses running in your community.
  5. We can offer MENTORING, SUPERVISION AND SUPPORT to your professionals working with parents and families in your organisation.
  6. Professionals working in your organisation can gain an accredited City and Guilds, ‘WORK WITH PARENTS’ QUALIFICATION
  7. You can purchase a range of RESOURCES AND POSTERS to support positive parenting and embed learning.

CPD Modules

Our CPD modules are ideal for professionals working with children and or parents and families.

  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Building Resilience in Children
  • How to ask the right questions to effect change using Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Understanding and dealing with challenging behaviour.
  • Adler the Man
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • True Colours

Please see our CPD page for more information. 

Sharing Parenting Programmes

An example of our Courses, Workshops, Tasters and One to One Support for parents and carers, can be found below. Please note allof these programmes can be adapted to be delivered to professionals also:

Courses for Parents and Carers

Workshops for Parents and Carers

 Taster Sessions for Parents and Carers

  • Effective Discipline
  • Understanding Challenging Behaviour
  • Power Struggles
  • How to Talk so Kids will Listen
  • Motivating your Child Academically
  • Parenting Styles
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Labelling
  • Birth Order
  • True Colours
  • Dads Matter

Facilitation Training

Please note all of our courses, workshops and taster sessions above can be adapted for professionals to learn how to share and deliver to the parents and carers they support.

Please see our Facilitator Training page for more information.


Please see our What’s Coming up  for parents and Where to meet us pages to keep up to date with our Courses, Workshops, Tasters, Pop Ups and Community events to signpost your parents and carers to.

Please contact us if you would like us to send you some posters to display in your setting.

Mentoring and Supervision

Do you feel overwhelmed after speaking to parents and carers?

Would you like to talk to trained and experienced professionals, confidentially about your work with parents and carers?

Please see our Mentoring, Supervision & Support page for more information.

Qualifications for Working With Parents (WWP)

Are your staff qualified to meet the National Occupational Standards for Working with Parents?

Please see our City and Guilds, Work With Parents  Qualifications on our Training and Qualifications page. 

Resources and Posters

You will also be interested to know, we have a range of invaluable resources to support and embed your learning and teaching.

You can find more information and an order form in our Resources and Posters page.

Please see our Professional comments to read feedback and testimonials from professionals we have worked with.

Please see our FAQs page for frequently asked questions from professionals.

Please see our What’s Coming Up for professionals to keep up to date with training opportunites, local Pop ups and Community events.

"Sharing Parenting have provided a range of staff with highly effective strategies to support our children’s behaviour, with a solid understanding of the related theories. Our staff received the training very positively and have been able to implement the practical strategies immediately, to good effect"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
Nick Erin
St Louis School

Please contact us if you would like more information, to discuss bespoke training or support, or to let us know you are interested in any of the above by clicking the button below: