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Building Resilience for Children – ONLINE




Date: Tuesday 21st September 2021

Venue: Online via ZOOM

Time: 9:30am-12:30pm 

Cost: £69+VAT

Often, children find it difficult to bounce back and pick themselves up when they have experienced a difficult situation, for example, falling out with their friends or finding a school task challenging.

In this session you will discover: 

  • The characteristics of resilient children – What makes some children cope and others fall apart in the same situation?
  • Building blocks for resilience– How you can support your children to prepare for the not so good days.
  • How to foster resilience in children and families – How you can prepare and support your whole family for the normal ups and downs in everyday life.

Equip young people, over the age of 4 years old, with the capacity to have COURAGE, MOTIVATION to move forward, the power to stay CENTERED have the awareness and CONFIDENCE to ACCEPT THEMSELVES, the TENACITY to accomplish their goals and the WILLINGNESS to share feelings.

Contact us to book your place.

Mindfulness for Professionals 

Sharing Parenting Mindfulness




Date: Tuesday 28th September 2021

Venue: Online ZOOM

Time: 9:30am-1:00pm

Cost: £69+VAT

Want to find out more about Mindfulness for you and the families you support? 

Contact us to book your place. 

True Colours For Professionals – ONLINE

Date: Thursday 14th October 2021

Venue: Online ZOOM

Time: 9:30-12:30am

Cost: £69+VAT

Want to find out about personality types and how knowing this can support your work with children, families and colleagues?

Contact us to book your place.

Train the Trainer

Raising Teenagers *Conversion For Professionals – ONLINE

Raising Teens for Facilitators

DateThursday 7th October 2021

Venue: Online ZOOM

Time: 9:30am -3:30pm 

Cost: £175+VAT includes a Facilitators Pack with lesson plans, facilitators notes and handouts.    

*Please note this for professional who has already attended our 3 day full course.                 

Please see our Facilitator Training page for more information or contact us to book your place.     

ONLINE 4-day Facilitation Training (including complimentary 1 day Refresher Training) For Professionals – ONLINE


Dates: Monday 13th, Thursday 16th, Wednesday 22nd  (and Refresher Thursday 23rd September 2021)

Venue: Online Zoom 

Cost: £549+VAT  (FREE complimentary Raising Children Refresher Course training has been included with this 4 day Raising Children Training and includes professional facilitators guides with lesson plans).             

Want to train your staff to be able to deliver parenting programmes/evidenced based strategies that work to parents and or other staff in your setting? 

This is the CORE training for Professionals for delivery of the 10-week Evidence Based Raising Children Programme.

Delivered by over 300 professionals. Includes key psychology of Adler; styles of parenting; self-esteem and lots more…  

Please see our Facilitator Training page for more information or contact us to book your place.  

Outside The Box for Professionals

Outside the box - Sharing Parenting󠇉

DateThursday 9th September 2021 (Full day)

Venue: Online ZOOM or Newmarket, Suffolk.

Time: 9:30am-3:30pm 

Cost: £175+VAT includes a Facilitators Pack with lesson plans, facilitators notes and handouts.  

4 week SEN programme for Parents by Parents! 

Please see Outside The Box for more information or contact us to book your place.

Raising Children Refresher Training for Professionals – ONLINE

Date: Thursday 23rd September 2021     

Venue: Online via ZOOM

Cost: £175+VAT includes a Facilitators Pack with lesson plans, facilitators notes and handouts.  

Raising Children is the CORE training for Professionals for delivery of the 10-week Evidence Based Programme, the Refresher Training is for Professionals to deliver a top up to all those families who received Raising Children training.

This fun and interactive course has been designed people so many professionals and parents asked us for it! 

Do you deliver Sharing Parenting’s Raising Children to parents and carers? 

Remember how they never want the 10 weeks to finish and always ask for something more? 

Our new course – called Refresher for Raising Children is for parents/carers who previously attended Raising Children and may have fallen back into old habits or would like the opportunity to practice some of the skills and strategies learnt on the Raising Children Course or just an excuse to meet up with others again. 

You’ve already built relationships by recruiting parents/carers to the course. The Refresher for Raising Children gives you the opportunity to stay in touch, reconnect and gives you something to book into the calendar at the end of the 10 weeks.  

We think you will love the new materials which include games, quiz’s and DVD with case studies to discuss. 

The ONE DAY Refresher for Raising Children Professional training will prepare  you to deliver the Refresher course to parents/cares which is designed to run once a week, 2 hour sessions, for 4 weeks.

Please contact us to book your place.

Sibling Rivalry – ONLINE

Date: Tuesday 12th October 2021

Venue: Online via ZOOM

Time: 9:30-12:30pm 

Cost: £89+VAT includes a Facilitators Pack with lesson plans, facilitators notes and handouts.  

Would you like to help families who tell you they are living in an environment of
hostility and conflict?

Would you like to be able to offer practical advice and help to restore peace
and harmony in their homes? YES? THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!

The ‘Sibling Rivalry course explores the underlying reasons
behind why siblings ‘fight’, offers different viewpoints for
dealing with sibling disputes and aims to provide strategies
for resolving ‘sibling rivalry’ issues.

 Contact us to book your place

Work With Parents Qualification For Professionals 

Dates: Starting Thursday 16th September 2021 weekly for 10 weeks

Times: 9:30am-3:30pm

Venue: Online via ZOOM 

Cost: £850 +VAT (Reduced from £1175+VAT)

If you work with families this is THE course for you. 

Equivalent to Level 3 City & Guilds Award for Work with Parents. Modules include: 

  • Understand the values and principles which underpin working with parents.

  • Build and maintain relationships in work with parents.

  • Theoretical models including attachment theory, Maslow, social

    learning theory, human ecological model and parenting styles.

  • Enable parents to reflect on the influences in parenting and the

    parent-child relationship.

  • Support parents to meet their children’s needs.

For more information and the book your place please see our Work With Parents Qualification page or contact us.

You may also be interested to read feedback from professionals with have worked with and supported on our Professionals Comments page.

You may also be interested to see our Facilitator Training page for more information.

Please also see our Training and Qualifications page for information about further continous professional development (CPD) opportunities.

To book onto any of the above courses please contact us or download our Booking-Form-For-Professionals.docx (which can be completed, scanned and emailed to us at info@sharingparenting.com)

We look forward to working with you.