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"Our staff received the training very positively and have been able to implement the practical strategies immediately, to good effect"
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Nick Erin
St Louis School

Parents and Carers

At Sharing Parenting we believe all parents should have access to good quality and reliable parenting information and support. We work hard to reach parents across our communities via our Outreach Workers who liaise closely with external organisations.


Sharing Parenting work closely with Schools and external organisations, such as Children’s Centre’s, Nurseries, Playgroups etc. and offer professionals a range of opportunities to gain confidence, skills and knowledge in order to develop positive strategies for parents in raising healthy happy children.

Due to the Lottery Reaching Communities Funding we  have had Family Workers in All Saints CEVA Primary School and Laureate Community Academy School and Nursery in Newmarket and Westfield Primary Academy in Haverhill but we can work with professionals from any school.

We have also supported:

UK Schools:

London – Harrow School

Suffolk – Samuel Ward Academy, Newmarket Academy, St Louis RC Academy, Fairstead House School, Clements School, All Saints Church of England School, Newmarket, Serbet Wood School, Bury St Edmunds, St Mary’s Academy, Lakenheath Primary School, Norton Pre-School, Bury St Edmunds, Brandon Primary School, Great Heath Academy, The Albany Referral Unit

Cambridgeshire – The Shade Primary School, Kennett Primary School, Paddocks School, Newmarket, Fawcett Primary, Chesterton Academy

Woodnewton Trust

Kettering Primary

Schools Overseas:
Middle East Schools – Infinite Learning Dubai, Jess Dubai

American Schools – Inman Elemantary School, Atlanta, USA.

Local Authorities

We also work closely with Suffolk libraries including Newmarket, Brandon, Mildenhall and Haverhill.

  • Cambridgeshire County Council – we have trained over 400 professionals to deliver Sharing Parenting programmes and three of our programmes are on their Accredited programmes list. We have worked with over 22 of Cambridgeshire’s Children Centres (including: Cambourne, Chesterton, Soham and Ely). We trained and supported professionals working with Family Learning.

Charities and Voluntary Agencies

We work with a range of voluntary agencies who are now delivering our programmes including: 

Government Offices

Department for Children Schools & Families 

Training Development Agency – TDA

Eastern Leadership Centre

Flourishing People

Other Organisations we worked with include:

Our Partners in Projects

We were pleased to have been awarded Lottery Reaching Communities Funding to make a difference to parents, families and schools.
During the lifetime of the project, we worked in 4 schools across 3 towns, Newmarket, Brandon and Haverhill. We supported families and children with all issues around parenting, self-esteem confidence and positive communication. Our aim is to improve the lives of local families.



The Small Grant Scheme, New Anglia Growth Programme

Sharing Parenting are pleased to be awarded a Small Grant from the Small Grant Scheme, New Anglia Growth Programme towards marketing and developing new resources and new strands of work as well as key office resources.

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