Resources and Posters

As you know parents, carers and professionals may all have different Learning Styles.

That’s why all our Sharing Parenting programmes include a successful mix of visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinaesthetic activities and tools.

You will also find these resources below, invaluable to aid your successful delivery and to embed learning.


Corona-Superhero Training Manual 

Sharing Parenting Corona-Superhero Activity Book

We have put together an activity book for you and your children to go through together. 

Our aim if for this little book to help will help your child understand a little more about how to keep safe, explore any feelings or anxieties about the virus and help prepare them to return to school safely and positively. 

You can download your copy HERE or please contact us if you would like one of these books sent to you. 


Surviving The Storm 

We have written this great little book about a Mum’s COVID story. 

This book was written to honour and celebrate all those parents and carers who had the courage and resilience to last through the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. 

It helps parents and carers reflect on the ups and downs of parenting and includes some helpful wellbeing worksheets and tips which can be used at anytime. 

Download your copy of Surviving The Storm – A Mum’s COVID Story HERE or please contact us if you would like one of these books sent to you. 

* Raising Children Parenting Workbooks 

Since 2020 we now have comprehensive workbooks (with tips, strategies and tasks) for parents to use alongside our online and face to face courses. These also support the new facilitator powerpoints and are a great addition to embed learning. 





* The Parent Manual 


The Sharing Parenting Manual has lots of positive tips and stratagies which we share on our programmes. This can be used as a standalone manual or to be used to remind and refresh learning which has taken place on ours programmes.   




*Parenting Key Messages Manual 

This great manual includes many of the Sharing Parenting Key Messages for parents to quickly refer back to. 








Sharing Parenting Magnets

Please see a selection of the magnets below.

These include our popular sayings:

  • Catch your child being good
  • Labelling
  • We aren’t born parents we have to learn along the way
  • Effective discipline
  • Crucial C’s
  • The key to understanding your child’s behaviour
  • What children need
  • Active listening


We have a range of A2 laminated posters, which you can display whilst delivering your Sharing Parenting programmes to aid those visual learners and to recap and embed learning.

Tutor Manuals

When you attend our Facilitation Training you will receive a tutor manual. However, you may wish to purchase additional manuals for your team. We have tutor manuals for:

Raising Children

Raising Children REFRESHER 4 week programme

Raising Teenagers

One to One 

Sibling Rivalry

Booklets and Handouts

Our Raising Children booklets and handouts aid learning, and help parents and carers to recap and embed their learning. Many of our participants display them on their fridge at home to remind them of the useful strategies they have learnt and as a prompt to continue to practice them.

Raising Children Flipchart Notes booklet

‘Tip’ Sheets – Parents Sculpt Brains/Teen Brain

Maslow Wooden Triangle

This handcrafted visual aid is extremely useful to demonstrate the hierarchy and what happens if basic needs are not met.



Resources and Prices                                Prices/(Inc. VAT)

* Please contact us for up to date prices of the parenting workbooks and manuals. 

Raising Children Tutor Manual                                                      £200.00/ £240.00

Posters (For fully trained Raising Children Tutors only) : Full Set comprising 7 x A1 posters and 8 x A2 posters and Case and Raising Children Manual   £350.00/ £420.00

Full Set of Posters + Case                                                                   £530.00/ £636.00

Raising Children Posters: 15 x A2 Posters                                     £250.00/ £300.00                       

Raising Children Flipchart Notes booklet                                          £12.00/ £14.40

Raising Teens Manual                                                                         £250.00/ £300.00

Raising Teens Posters and Manual                                                 £570.00/ £684.00

Raising Toddlers Manual                                                                     £115.00/ £138.00

One to One Parenting Manual                                                          £200.00/ £240.00

Sibling Rivalry Manual                                                                            £65.00/ £78.00

Food for Thought Module                                                                       £55.00/ £66.00

Parent Manual                                                                                            £15.00/ £18.00

‘Tip’ Sheets – Parents Sculpt Brains A4 x 50                                     £60.00/ £72.00

‘Tip’ Sheets – Parents Sculpt Brains A5 x 50                                     £45.00\ £54.00

‘Tip’ Sheets – Teen Brain A4 x 50                                                          £60.00/ £72.00

‘Tip’ Sheets – Teen Brain A5 x 50                                                          £45.00/ £54.00

Maslow handmade wooden Triangle                                                 £45.00/ £54.00

Magnets – set of 50 (10 styles)                                                              £40.00/ £48.00

Magnets: ‘Catch your child being good’ (set of 10)                                £8.00/ £9.60

To support and embed your learning with any of the above please download the Resource Order Form  complete, scan and return by email to or by post to: Sharing Parenting, 108 Freshfields, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 OEF or contact us.

Resources translated in different languages 

You can also find some interesting resources available translated in different languages on our Community Ambitions page here:

SEN Resources 

You can also find lots of resources for parents and carers of children who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) on our SEND page here:

Parenting Books

You may also be interested in Parenting-books-for-understanding-child-development-and-emotional-wellbeing/