Raising Children

"It's not about being a bad parent, it's about being a better parent"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens

Do you find yourself asking: 

Why won’t they listen to me?

How can I be ready for my child’s next stage?” 

Am I saying or doing the right thing?

At Sharing Parenting we believe all parents deserve access to good quality and reliable parenting information and support.

What other job do you start without the relevant training, supervision and support – not to mention lack of sleep, time and money!?


(*Please note our face to face courses have a limited capacity at this time. You can find our full online course below and lots of useful resources on our website such as strategies, podcasts and videos/vlogs.)

Join us and other parents, who are experiencing the same challenges as you, on our popular Raising Children course.

This is an open access parenting course, delivered once a week over 10 weeks – each session is 2 hours long.

It is most suited to parents with children aged from two to twelve years old.

Some of the topics you will cover on this course are:

  • Parenting Roles – Learn to give yourself a pat on the back for all the roles you play everyday
  • Communication – Styles of parenting – What is an assertive parent?
  • Needs – Our children’s needs and our needs too
  • Understanding Challenging Behaviour – What are the reasons behind the behaviour and how can we support them with this?
  • Active Listening – what does this really mean?
  • Effective Discipline – find the best way to set boundries at the same time as supporting your childs self esteem
  • Labelling – Does a label effect behaviour?
  • Building Self-Esteem – at home, with friendships, school work and more

The primary aim of this parenting programme is to offer parents a supportive, informal environment, in which to gain information, knowledge and skills around parenting issues.

This course offers parents an opportunity to meet other parents, share experiences, learn from each other and get some advice and strategies to help them through the primary years.

Sharing Parenting Online Raising Children Course

You can now access each of the individual 10 sessions, of the Raising children recorded course, online below.

Each session will take about 20 minutes depending on how long you choose to spend on each activity.

To get the most out of the courses please find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, grab some paper and a pen to write down your thoughts and relax and enjoy!

Session 1 

Session 2 – Parenting Styles 

Session 3 – Identifying Needs

Session 4 – Understanding Challenging Behaviour

Session 5 – Active Listening

Session 6 – Effective Discipline (Part 1) 

Session 7 – Effective Discipline (Part 2) 

Session 8 – Labelling 

Session 9 – Encouragement 

Session 10- Review 

We would love to hear your feedback from these online courses, please contact us with your thoughts or download, complete, scan  and email us this Online Course Evaluation Form April 2020 or copy and paste the below (scroll to the bottom of this page) into your email, complete and send to info@sharingparenting.com

"I realise now that I have to change my behaviour in order to change my children's"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
"I wish I had learnt all of this years ago, it has helped me so much as a person"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens

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