Sibling Rivalry

"I feel much more confident when dealing with my children's arguments now"
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Sharing Parenting Sibling RivalryDo you feel you are always playing referee to your children?

Do you often ask yourself :

Why do they always argue when I leave the room?” 

How can I support my children to get along with each other?

…then this is the course for you 🙂 

Suzanne gives a sample of the course below: 

Pink background with a photo of a female and microphone in the middle You can also listen to our Podcast about Sibling Rivalry HERE.


(*Please note our face to face courses have a limited capacity at this time. You can find lots of useful resources on our website such as strategiespodcasts and videos/vlogs.)

Sibling Rivalry Module targets any parents (and in our experience this is all parents with more than one child!), who are experiencing issues with siblings in the family and consists of two, once a week, two hour sessions.

The aim of the course is to explore the underlying reasons behind why siblings fight and to share some effective strategies for handling sibling rivalry.

Some of the topics you will cover include:

  • Roots of sibling rivalry – is it natural?
  • Fears about sibling rivalry – is it harmful?
  • Triggers to sibling rivalry – how can I avoid it and have a calmer household?
  • Effective strategies for handling sibling rivalry

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"I have learnt how to diffuse the situation before it escalates into a full blown fight - the house is much quieter now!"
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