Sharing Parenting Stories and Feedback

"I swear by this course … I had a fantastic time on this course, Suzanne makes you feel so welcome and the way this course is run is outstanding …not only do you learn more about your children, you learn about yourself as well … I have and would recommend this course to anyone …I myself have come away learning a lot by going on this course and the one to one support which I didn’t get from other courses"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens

We always welcome feedback from parents, carers and professionals who attend our programmes. Please see some of the brilliant feedback and stories from the parents and carers we have supported by clicking on the blue titles below:

Ally’s Story

Nick’s Story

Richard and Amba’s Story

Susanna’s Story

Parent’s Feedback

“I think this parenting course should be the norm for all parents, I would recommend it to anyone, in fact I already have!”
“I feel so much better knowing I am a normal parent"
“It’s made a difference to me and my family, even the way I talk to other members of the family”
Sharing parenting Raising Teens

Raising Children

"The best thing about this course was realising I'm not really doing a bad job"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
Attended Raising Children

“It really makes you think and be aware and adjust what’s not working”

“Everything I have learnt on this course has helped me deal with others and myself – it’s great!”

“The best thing about attending this course was having people in the same situation as me, to talk to”

“What is being taught here is more realistic than other courses I’ve attended” 

“I’ve learnt a lot” 

“The best thing about this course was talking and sharing with others” 

“Since doing this course I feel more confident with my children and within myself to deal with/manage things” 

“I have learnt permission to actually say/do less so the kids learn self sufficiency” 

“I have learnt to keep my jug topped up 

“I would love this course to run forever

“I feel like we have broken through barriers that were hard to crack. I am trying to teach my children how I would like them to be by demonstrating respect not demanding it”

“I realise now that I have to change my behaviour in order to change my children’s”

“It’s not about being a bad parent, it’s about being a better parent”

“I wish I had learnt all of this years ago, it has helped me so much as a person”

Raising Toddlers

"This course provided me with alternatives and ways to think things through"

“Methods are good, it’s just finding what works for us” (Comment from a parent attending ‘Raising Toddlers’)

“It has been great to reflect with other parents and learn” (Comment from a parent attending ‘Raising Toddlers’)

“I think every parent should do this course” (Comment from a parent attending ‘Raising Toddlers’)

“It’s been very useful and nice to share experiences with other parents” (Comment from a parent attending ‘Raising Toddlers’)

“This course was really Helpful” (Comment from a parent attending ‘Raising Toddlers’)

“The course is fantastic, a must for all parents”

“A must for every parent!”

“This has improved our quality of life, and my relationship with my child”

“This course has helped me to understand why my children might be behaving badly, and different ways to deal with it”

Raising Teenagers

"Thank you, this has really changed my life"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
Attended Raising Teens
"If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, Teenagers must be from Jupiter! No need to call Nasa though, Sharing Parenting will help you relate to your 'alien teens' and improve your relationship ...and sanity!"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
Attended Raising Teens

“Thanks for a really interesting and ‘eye opening’ ten weeks, it’s been the best investment of 20 hours ever”

“I feel calmer & more in control. I feel more aware of my children’s feelings & try to talk about things with them rather than shouting”

“There’s been a 100% increase in communication. The household is calmer. Things are discussed and time is taken to solve problems”

Sibling Rivalry

"I feel much more confident when dealing with my children's arguements now"

“I now realise I sometimes have to walk away and let them sort their issues for themselves”

“I have learnt how to diffuse the situation before it escalates into a full blown fight – the house is much quieter now!”

True Colours

“True Colours will change the way you look at things“
Sharing parenting Raising Teens

“True Colours will change your life!”

“True Colours is like a present for people!”

“This course allowed me to see how my son sees himself“

“I now know myself”

“I learnt my colours. It’s already making me feel more confident in finding the right job for me”

“I’m thinking of asking my sister to come and help boost her confidence and understanding”

“It was interesting to find out who we are”

“It will help me think differently”

Outside the Box 

These kinds of workshops can be sensitive if not delivered in the right way. I felt Suzanne had a wonderful way of delivering this with sensitivity whilst gently highlighting some things that may not be working in your parenting as well as being human and non-judgemental.
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
Attended Outside the Box

Pinpoint parents and carers really relax with your approach Suzanne 😊 

These kinds of workshops can be sensitive if not delivered in the right way. I felt Suzanne had a wonderful way of delivering this with sensitivity whilst gently highlighting some things that may not be working in your parenting as well as being human and non-judgemental.

It has helped me to think from my children’s perspective and to encourage them more than just praise as it helps build their self-esteem.

I really liked that the group has a verbal contract set up at the beginning which outlines boundaries such as confidentiality, this will make parents feel safe and more able to share.

I benefitted from not feeling so alone when I attended this course.

The content of the workshop was good, and the breakout room discussions were a great way of getting us to interact in smaller groups whilst ‘thinking outside the box’.

For me as a parent I like hearing the perspective of other parents as it often helps me think of things I may not have before.

Content was delivered is nice simple language and no jargon which can often confuse and worry parents.

The only thing I’d say is perhaps a question and answer at the end but also like how it was structured, and it worked well.

It was a very good, practical and informative 4 sessions course. Lots of advice, tips and strategist delivery by experts that we can apply in our life as a family and on our daily activities. During the 4 sessions we talked about the importance of our own wellbeing as a parents and cares, and this is extremely important. It was excellent.

5* across the board.

Food For Thought

"Mealtimes are no longer a battle, I have learnt not to argue at the dinner table"

“I have gained new ideas on how and what to feed my children”

“I always had to sit at the table until my plate was empty, I have learnt not to adopt this attitude with my children”

Outreach Workers

"One Mum (who came to a Pop Up) was so glad to meet me as, that day she had been really struggling …. I was in the right place at the right time, and so was she!"
Outreach Worker

“Parents always tell me they are going to tell their friends about the tips and strategies I have shared with them”.

“It was a lovely session again today. I really think the new materials are great! You’ve done such a good job”

Family Support Practitioners

"I would like to thank all three of you for not only listening to my parenting concerns, but also reassuring me. I walked into the school feeling low but walked out with a genuine smile on my face. Your kindness and the hot drink left me with a warm heart filled with hope."
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
"We want to say you are doing a great job and THANK YOU; we feel it is important to say THANK YOU"
Sharing parenting Raising Teens
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“I take the Raising Children Workbook everywhere with me now. It is a good visual aid when I am working with families” 

“I feel more confident supporting parents now”

“The 4cs were really useful”

“I stop before I act now and reflect on my behaviour and what to do or say next”

“I liked the 4cs as I hadn’t seen this model before”

“I liked that the strategies were transferable – I could use them at home with my daughter and with the students at school”

“This course refreshed my awareness with parenting issues and skills” 


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