Sharing Parenting MindfulnessDo you often find you are stressed or lack focus on one thing or would like to learn techniques to keep a healthy mind and be able to model these to your child for a calmer household?

Find your peace in a frantic world and learn ways to:

  • Stay present and learn to live in the moment
  • Remain calm – and learn to model this to your child
  • Retain focus –  and achieve your goals
  • Improve decision making


(*Please note our face to face courses have a limited capacity at this time. You can find lots of useful resources on our website such as strategies, podcasts and videos/vlogs.)

Online Mindfulness Session

  • Mindfulness for Children 


Come and join us for for 2 hours each week for 2 weeks and learn skills and mindfulness techniques, for use with children aged over 3 years old, young people and families.

Model these behaviours to your child and start to make the first step to a calm and peaceful household – even at times of stress.

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