An Introduction To Building Resilience

"I realise now that I have to change MY behaviour in order to change my children's"
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Do you often ask yourself: 

“How can I support my child when they fall out with their friends?”

“How do I know my child will be able to pick themselves up on the not so good days?”

“How can I prepare my children for their future?”

Often children find it difficult to bounce back and pick themselves up when they have experienced a difficult situation, for example, falling out with their friends, finding a school task challenging or a family breakdown or loss.

During this workshop (adapted from the full course) you will cover:

  • The characteristics of resilient children – What makes some children cope and others fall apart in the same situation?
  • Building blocks for resilience – How you can support your children to prepare for the not so good days
  • How to foster resilience in children and families – How you can prepare and support your whole family for the normal ups and downs in everyday life

Equip your young people, over the age of 4 years old, with the capacity to have COURAGE and  MOTIVATION to move forward, the POWER to stay CENTERED have the awareness and CONFIDENCE to ACCEPT THEMSELVES, the TENACITY to accomplish their goals and the WILLINGNESS to share feelings.

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