An Introduction To True Colours

"I learnt how human personalities differ - how we individually emit different colours based our personality type - but more so I learned how to understand and appreciate other people's frame of reference by just knowing which colour they are based on the personality traits of each colour. I am excited for the next session where we would learn how we can weave all that knowledge into various relationships both at home and at work"
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Participant of True Colours

Sharing Parenting True coloursDo you find yourself asking:

Why is my child different to me?

Why do I hate doing the things he/she loves?”

How can I support my child with their friendships?

“How can I learn to tolerate different personalities at work?”

…then you will you will love this FUN personality based introduction workshop.

You will explore your dominant personality traits, what motivates you and how you communicate with others.

You will also have an opportunity to consider your own children’s personality types and how this relates to you, your parenting and how you can support them in their own choices.

Parents and carers find it both interesting and useful to recognise differences in both their own and their children’s personalities and/or similarities.

True Colours is a model of personality identification that is easy to understand, remember and apply, based on four personality types:

Sharing Parenting True Colours

Blue  – Enthusiastic, Compassionate, Authentic and Sincere

Orange – Energetic, Generous, Spontaneous, Witty

Green – Calm and cool, Logical, Investigative and Analytical

Gold – Dependable, Organised, Concerned and Stable.

In reality we are all a little bit of all of the above but one or two may be more dominant than the others.

Some of our outcomes are:

  • A greater understanding of personal and work relationships and how to use these as strength
  • An opportunity to learn tools to identify different personality types in your family or workplace and help to consider who is best placed for which task
  • Improved communication and improved relationships – recognising different personalities and using these differences as a positive rather than a frustration
  • Assisting in choosing or considering suitable hobbies, interests, careers or volunteer opportunities

As this session is funded we can offer it to parents and carers at no cost to them however, will ask you to bring along:

  1. Proof of identity/ birth certificate/passport and
  2. National Insurance number

If this is a problem, don’t worry; we may be able to help – please contact us by clicking the button below for more information or to let us know you are interested.

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